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Flynn Canada Ltd
6435 Northwest Dr, Mississauga ON, L4V1K2 CAN


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This commercial contractor is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor.GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they're appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer the best guarantees and warranties.

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Certificaciones y Premios

*Los contratistas inscritos en los programas de certificación de GAF no son empleados ni agentes de GAF, y GAF no controla ni supervisa de otro modo estas empresas independientes. Los contratistas pueden recibir beneficios, como puntos y descuentos de recompensa por lealtad en herramientas de comercialización de GAF por participar en el programa y ofrecer a GAF garantías mejoradas, que requieren el uso de una cantidad mínima de productos de GAF. Sus tratos con un contratista, y cualquier servicio que le proporcionen, están sujetos a los Términos de uso del contratista.

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3.7 (51)

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  • "Very big company, very nice customer and vister service. Outstanding environment."

    - A.G, Jul 7, 2023

  • "This review has nothing to do with the workmanship of this company, however it is a result of the conduct of their employees and their family members, so naturally this will be the only recourse I can take. My family and I went to Bramalea City Centre on Sunday. After completing our shopping we decided to return to our vehicle in the underground parking lot. As we approached the elevator, a family exited the elevator. They realized that they got off on the wrong floor and decided to take the stairs that was right behind the elevator. We were able to see the stairs because we were in a glass elevator. Their two daughters decided to stay on the elevator in order to go down to the parking lot. My daughters and I entered the elevator, when their eldest daughter decided to blurt out "I'm getting out of here with these people." She grabbed her sister's hand and pulled her out of the elevator and looked at us like were trash. Which you have probably guessed, my family and I are a visible minority. We are African American. She walked down the stairs behind her family and looked at us in the elevator as we were also going down. We all parked in the same area and I watched them get into one of your work trucks, which is what prompted this review today. We are a hard working, respectable and obviously educated family and has never been more embarrassed in my life! Even though the incident may have happened outside of your working hours, the conduct of your employees or their family members extends past the job site. If this is the views of your employees, we will never require your services!"

    - A.M, May 1, 2023

  • "As others point out, their drivers act like the road is a racing circuit. We all have places to be."

    - L.D, Apr 26, 2023

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