Foran's Roofing & Sheetmetal Limited

Foran's Roofing & Sheetmetal Limited



Foran's Roofing & Sheetmetal Limited
400 Hopkins St, Whitby ON, L1N2B9 CAN


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This commercial contractor is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor.GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they're appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer the best guarantees and warranties.

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*Los contratistas inscritos en los programas de certificación de GAF no son empleados ni agentes de GAF, y GAF no controla ni supervisa de otro modo estas empresas independientes. Los contratistas pueden recibir beneficios, como puntos y descuentos de recompensa por lealtad en herramientas de comercialización de GAF por participar en el programa y ofrecer a GAF garantías mejoradas, que requieren el uso de una cantidad mínima de productos de GAF. Sus tratos con un contratista, y cualquier servicio que le proporcionen, están sujetos a los Términos de uso del contratista.

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4.6 (19)

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  • "You make as much as you contribute in my experience. Decent company to work for hard to move up as a young adult. The only issue is a select few people with negative attitudes but that's everywhere you go. All in all, decent company, run by a decent guy."

    - K.B, Sep 5, 2023

  • "Worked for this so called FAMILY ORIENTED business a few years back..This is anything BUT A FAMILY BUSINESS.Workers are underpaid, company exploits vulnerable workers, males them clean their personal toys in garage,demeans employees,they give you a turkey for x mad like it's a gold bar.Nobody there really likes ownership, it's convenient for out of towners for employment.Foremen there yell and pick on people,throw meals through drive windows at Wendy's employees.Ungrateful place. The always say, We treat our employees like family, ur as good as your last day there.They live in big fancy house's while their employees (some), barely scrape. Don't even put this place on your resume, it's a joke."

    - S, Jul 15, 2023

  • "I love this place 5 star review honestly would recommend"

    - T.R, Mar 25, 2023

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