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This commercial contractor is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor.GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they're appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer the best guarantees and warranties.

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*Los contratistas inscritos en los programas de certificación de GAF no son empleados ni agentes de GAF, y GAF no controla ni supervisa de otro modo estas empresas independientes. Los contratistas pueden recibir beneficios, como puntos y descuentos de recompensa por lealtad en herramientas de comercialización de GAF por participar en el programa y ofrecer a GAF garantías mejoradas, que requieren el uso de una cantidad mínima de productos de GAF. Sus tratos con un contratista, y cualquier servicio que le proporcionen, están sujetos a los Términos de uso del contratista.

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4.4 (73)

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  • "The Katchmark team was very responsive and professional. The multiple custom skylight job they did at our home was one that many others couldn't figure out, but they navigated the entire job without any issue whatsoever. Glad I found them."

    - J, Mar 16, 2023

  • "Highly recommend if you want your property destroyed, a lackadaisical, uninterested attitude from the CEO, and thousands of dollars out of your pocket. TRASH company. Katchmark's inept workers flooded my condo while installing WINDOWS AND SCREENS on my condo building. After completely flooding both my condo and my upstairs neighbors condo with toxic fire retardant sprinkler water, our entire home had to be stripped to just wood framing and completely remodeled. I couldn't live in my home for 6 months and Steve Katchmark Jr offered up to 100/night at a hotel during demolition which is laughable in Tyson's Corner, VA. After 18 months I am finally done dealing with Katchmark and their insurance company to pay the complete bill, as they insisted on only paying 80% of it claiming they aren't responsible for actual cash, just depreciation. Also, after all this, they didn't even install the screen door correctly that they were replacing. It was upside down. In the end, I'm out $2000 dollars after 2 years of navigating their even more inept insurance company. $62000 dollars of damage + $20,000 of BNB rentals later, I don't suggest using Katchmark for anything other than as a horrible example of an honest, ethical contracting company. Would also like to add, the day my place was flooded, there was no apology from Katchmark himself, he just came and told me it would be taken care of and "unfortunately this happened last year" in my same community. Thanks for taking care of it, would rather have you take care of that $2000 missing from my bank account. My condo hired this company for a 3 MILLION DOLLAR RENOVATION and no one could seem to get me my last $2000. NIGHTMARE. [edit after reading response] I didn't work extensively with Katchmark himself or any representative of the company. On the day of the flood he emailed me saying that I can communicate with insurance from that point forward. I didn't speak with Steven himself until 2 years later on the phone saying insurance was insisting on not covering the full reconstruction. The "additional terms" were simply to be reimbursed for my home. I asked for not a penny extra, even though my home, workspace, and peace of mine were destroyed. Not too late to meet my "additional terms" either. Multi-million dollar company can't form out a check for $2000. Sad. Would have loved someone to reach out instead of via a Google review pretending to show a splinter of ethics."

    - N.G, Feb 3, 2023

  • "Highly Recommend! Well-established family business. Jake was punctual and respectful of us / our home, methodical in finding the source of roof leak, and efficiently / effectively fixed the issue. Neat and clean from his handiwork to his work truck. An absolute professional who demonstrated his experience and genuine commitment to customer satisfaction."

    - D.G, Jan 7, 2023

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