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10537 Gulfdale St, San Antonio TX, 78216 USA


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Roof Fix is an award-winning roofing and solar company, proudly serving all of Texas area homeowners with a variety of high-quality roof services including repair, replacement, and solar. Roof Fix is the #1 rated roofing and solar company in Texas, and the only GAF Master Elite in the area specializing in commercial and residential roofing. We're experts in ALL roofing systems and are efficient in insurance claims. Give us a call for your free roof inspection."

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4.7 (546)

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  • "Roof Fix went above and beyond. We saw the excellent job that they did with our neighbor's roof, and selected them to work on our roof. We were not disappointed. Joshua helped us pick our new roof, and he helped us our insurance company in adjusting the cost for repair. Alonso and his crew arrived at 6am and finished at 3pm, working through triple digit temperatures."

    - D, Sep 7, 2023

  • "This rating and review is for Alonso Granados and his roofing crew. I was very happy with Alonso's professionalism, knowledge and work ethic. He was communicative, responsive and treated me as an equal. He explained the process of the roofing job and how long it would take. And he was right on time. He is a great asset to this company as many of my interactions with Roof Fix have not been satisfactory. I hope Roof Fix employees and leadership learn how to be with customers from Mr. Granados."

    - K.B, Aug 30, 2023

  • "Do not recommend Rooffix to anyone. No updates are sent to customer for 2 months after paying 50% down. A person can only get reply from project manager after threaten to cancel contract. On 8/13, project manager told customer a contractor was to arrive 8am, then 10pm, then 12pm. I asked what was delay, project manager said contractor just called in sick at 12pm and they were going to let me know. Rooffix has no idea how to keep to a schedule for customers. Informed salesman 3 times to replace attic turbine vents on home furimg 1st visit. Asked project manager if replacing turbines was in contract , he said yes 3 times, then decided to check (why not check before responding) I'll never know. Project manager confirmed turbine vents were not included in contract. Talked to manager and he admitted salesman mistake. I told project manager I didnt need attic fan replaced since motor just replaced 2 months ago. That request was ignored and Rooffix decided to install a new attic fan that is barely 1/2 size of original fan. When electrician arrived 1.5hrs late, he tried to connect new thermostat to original one, so i would have 2 thermostats. I told him in poor spanish, since he didnt understand english, that I didnt want 2 thermostat boxes. After the fan was working, I noticed the garage hardly cooled since not enough air flow. Project manager tried to tell me new fan more efficient but simple google search confirmed "large blade fans on slow speed can move more air than small fans at fastest speeds". I informed Rooffix , I will not pay off contract until fan issue resolved. Why doesnt rooffix replace parts on home with equal parts that came off the house or ask customer if he accepts replacement before changing. Note neither rooffix salesman nor project manager looked at or took pictures of existing attic fan before replacing with whatever they could find. No pictures of gutters were sent customer to review, instead experts at Rooffix decided I should pay to replace 30' of gutters when issue is only a 6' corner section in my opinion. I told project manager at least 5 times, if they can show me why I need to replace all gutters then I agree to replace. Rooffix has still not shown me why i need to replace all gutters. On delivery day of materials, 2 unknown crews show up 7am with no forewarning by project manager. Then 1 crew (Beacon) is asking me how to arrange drop off of materials, I had no idea since i dont work for Rooffix. The other crew I guess was suppose to bring attic turbines , but they told me it was not their duty to make sure all materials are at job site. In my opinion project manager was responsible for correct amount and drop off materials at job site, but never showed up. I've asked multiple times to talk to manager or corporate headquarters , but no success. Ive asked once to talk with CEO, but heard nothing."

    - B.G, Aug 22, 2023

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4.4 (18)

GAF comentarios

Opiniones de contratistas de clientes con compras verificadas de GAF

  • "Great Job%21"

    - W.G, | San Antonio TX
    20 de octubre de 2020

  • - D.W, | San Antonio TX
    27 de julio de 2020

  • "Lived Up To Advertising and Reputation"

    - D.P, | San Antonio TX
    9 de julio de 2020

4.4 (18)

GAF comentarios

Opiniones de contratistas de clientes con compras verificadas de GAF

  • "Great Job%21"

    - W.G, | San Antonio TX

  • - D.W, | San Antonio TX

  • "Lived Up To Advertising and Reputation"

    - D.P, | San Antonio TX

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | San Antonio TX

  • "Professional%2C but egress and protection was poor."

    - K.S, | San Antonio TX

  • "Good But Not Great%21"

    - E.K, | San Antonio TX


    - N.B, | San Antonio TX

  • - A.B, | San Antonio TX


    - M.S, | San Antonio TX

  • - M.M, | San Antonio TX


    - J.P, | San Antonio TX


    - S.F, | San Antonio TX


    - B.M, | SInton TX


    - G.B, | San Antonio TX

  • - T.B, | Fulton TX

  • - D.G, | San Antonio TX

  • - Z.H, | Portland TX

  • "Overall satisfied customer."

    - W.S, | Corpus Christi TX

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