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Solid State Construction LLC
2 Shaker Rd Ste D203, Shirley MA, 01464 USA


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Solid State Construction's goals are to make the exterior remodeling process easy for customers -- by using a consultative approach in every meeting, providing exceptional service throughout the construction process, and standing behind quality workmanship. Our team not only transforms the exterior of a home with new siding, roofing, windows and deck solutions, but we also transform how customers view the home improvement industry moving forward.

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4.6 (86)

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  • "Want to share our great experience with Solid State Construction and James Hardie siding. With the house having been painted at least four times, the results of a fifth were going to be less than desired. The pictures pretty much show the before and after. It was a complete stripping of shingles, soffits, etc. Also the windows were replaced. The result is stunning, and many people walking by stopped and asked about the job. Also want to add the great experience with the crew. They were on site every day(except one Holiday and a rain day), cleaned up at the end of the day. It was also beneficial to have anticipated some unexpected issues, especially in a 55 year old house."

    - J, Sep 30, 2023

  • "It's really hard to say enough good things about Solid State. They are certainly not a low cost option, but when you really get into these types of jobs, the experience, installation approach, quality, and attention to detail is what matters the most. The project manager, Vinnie, assigned to our job was incredible and gave us confidence and transparency throughout the entire process. The QA lead they assigned (former Hardie employee) walked through the house with us and made sure any small items were taken care of to our satisfaction - and shared many valuable tips for maintenance going forward. It goes without saying, the finished product looks incredible."

    - B.S, Sep 26, 2023

  • "Water damage, incompetence, waste of money. I contracted with Solid State to redo my siding and replace the decking and rails on my cantilevered balcony in the fall of 2019. It was a roughly 50K job. Everything looked good at first, though Jeff Brooks was a pain to deal with and his crew gouged my brand new hardwood floors. Solid State's shoddy work only became apparent to me about a year later, when, in December 2020, I saw water stains on my ceiling, right below the where the joists of my balcony enter the interior of my house. More water damage in January of 2021 - this is when I contacted Solid State and asked them to take a look. Jeff sent a whole series of people to my house over the course of about 2 years, first to do some work on the exterior of the house, which they thought would fix the water penetration. Then to replace my balcony's sliding door, at a cost to me of over 7,000. It didn't work. Eventually, Jeff sent someone to cut open my interior wall and ceiling, to better understand the leak. With the wall open, I took several videos of water penetrating the exterior of the house at the balcony joists, which I shared with Jeff. His crew did more work, thinking the problem was fixed. The crew came back to close up my wall and ceiling. These guys can't do drywall to save their lives, it looked absolutely awful. I was redoing their poor patch job when I noticed that in the heavy wind and rain of December 2022, I was still getting water penetration. I gave up working with these guys. They're utterly incompetent and Jeff is terrible to work with. Jeff has claimed at various times that this leak has nothing to do with their work. So, what, it's just coincidence that SSC did all this work on my balcony, siding, and door, and I get water penetration in heavy rain? I never had this problem before they massacred my house. If this has nothing to do with their poor work, why was he sending crews to my house to do these questionable "repairs"? I have contracted with a local, reputable builder, at a cost of 10,000 dollars, to inspect everything and redo what needs to be redone. Which is more than just the siding and balcony - Solid State messed up when reinstalling my gutters, they used the wrong color exterior caulk and the wrong color paint for touch ups. Jeff Brooks and Solid State Construction are a nightmare. They damaged my home and cost me over 17,000 dollars in expense due to their general incompetence. Stay away."

    - F.B, May 19, 2023

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4.6 (22)

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Opiniones de contratistas de clientes con compras verificadas de GAF

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Leominster MA
    12 de agosto de 2020


    - A.S, | Northborough MA
    15 de julio de 2020


    - C.C, | Princeton MA
    1 de junio de 2020

4.6 (22)

GAF comentarios

Opiniones de contratistas de clientes con compras verificadas de GAF

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Leominster MA


    - A.S, | Northborough MA


    - C.C, | Princeton MA

  • "Very professional%2C understanding great communication"

    - A.L, | Northbridge MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Shirley MA


    - D.R, | Ashland MA

  • "Would not use them again hard to get answer from them"

    - P.K, | Lowell MA


    - B.W, | Wakefield MA

  • - G.M, | Groton MA


    - J.T, | Tewksbury MA

  • - E.T, | Winthrop MA

  • - J.S, | Townsend MA


    - A.R, | Leicester MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Holbrook MA

  • "Customer asked us not to share his/her review."

    - X.X, | Ashby MA

  • "Professional %26 knowledgeable contractor"

    - A.P, | Belmont MA


    - P.P, | Gardner MA


    - L.S, | Gardner MA

  • - K.B, | Fitchburg MA


    - R.D, | Shirley MA

  • "Very professional, very promt, honest, courteous"

    - R.A, | Woburn MA

  • - K.A, | East Walpole MA

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