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Third Generation Contracting
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This residential contractor is a GAF Factory-Certified Contractor. GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they're appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer the best warranties.

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*Los contratistas inscritos en los programas de certificación de GAF no son empleados ni agentes de GAF, y GAF no controla ni supervisa de otro modo estas empresas independientes. Los contratistas pueden recibir beneficios, como puntos y descuentos de recompensa por lealtad en herramientas de comercialización de GAF por participar en el programa y ofrecer a GAF garantías mejoradas, que requieren el uso de una cantidad mínima de productos de GAF. Sus tratos con un contratista, y cualquier servicio que le proporcionen, están sujetos a los Términos de uso del contratista.

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  • "A disaster from the start....Gave $6k deposit May 2022. Waited until August 2022 for them to start the job. They finish within a week and leave me with 1. A roof that looks worse then the one replaced (comments for the neighbors) 2. Gutters that are loose, dented and now leaking. 3. Did damage to the roof which led to flooding into my dining room. This is the last time I saw them, they virtually abandoned the job. Rachel has been a nightmare to deal with and they will not supply their insurance information. Rachel has since threatened to put a construction lien on my house!!! What I owe is a fraction of the damage repair which I have had to put through my insurance. Do yourself a favour, stay away from's one thing to do a job's another thing to make good if you make a mistake. Wow...3GC has since registered a construction lien on my property.....I am not concerned as 3GC has falsified statements and I have neighbors as witnesses..just another yourself a favour...stay away!!!"

    - M.P, Dec 7, 2022

  • "So disappointed! The evening prior to a major storm advisosry, the team had a work dispute on our roof and in our backyard (loud and overheard by people). They left my property with tools still on the sloping roof and without covering two areas they exposed, which they were working on (despite a weather warning that severe thunderstorms were approachingand with a large amount of rainfall). Needless to say, the forcasted storm ar rived. Consequently, it rained through my living room ceiling. After numerous calls to 3GC, two members of the team finally arrived and covered two exposed areas and removed tools that had been left on the roof. They also examined the damage to the ceiling, the wet carpet, the wet dining room chair and multiple buckets collecting the drops that were falling from the ceiling. They continuously apologised and stated that they would rectify the situation. The team showed up to work on the roof again the next day. One of the members entered to examine the interior and stated it was a good thing that there was a small hole in the ceiling where most of the water appeared to be dropping or the damage would have been worse. He also ensured me that they could fix the problems. Unfortunately, they left before finishing the project and didn't bother to inform me that they felt their work was completed or present me with a final bill. My neighbours suggested I look at the work from their attic window and they were surprised with the quality of work. I was shocked at what I saw. I trusted the work they were doing to be professional. The contract we agreed to stated the roof would be insured for 15 years. When they were contacted to repair things that were not completed properly, they chose to break their contract by refusing to answer our phonecalls and requests that they complete the job and fix the damage that they created. Thus, they didn't insure their work even for even less than a month. They broke their own contract and lost my respect. Now I find myself trying to fix their damage at my own expense and they are threatening to put a lean on my home. Neither I, nor my neighbours, would recommend this team to anyone."

    - F.P, Dec 5, 2022

  • "Shawn and Rachel arrived on time and did a great job. their crew removed the old shingles and replaced with new, the job was completed and 100% cleaned up all in one day. We plan on using 3GC on our next roofing projects."

    - S.R, Sep 10, 2022

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